We help settlers cultivate respectful relationships with
Indigenous peoples and place

Expanding perspectives
for improved relations

kinSHIFT is an Indigenous-led initiative supporting settlers who are committed to building respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples and places. Our experiential, arts-based workshops and programs allow participants to learn, practice, ask questions, and make mistakes in a safer environment, all while building a foundation for engaging meaningfully with Indigenous peoples.

Join us for our workshop ELEMENTS OF TRUTH

kinSHIFT workshops are for non-Indigenous learners wishing to cultivate meaningful relationships with Indigenous peoples but unsure where to begin. Expect participatory workshops with stories and creative activities to guide you through strengthening skills of seeing different perspectives, equity, accountability and inclusion, from an Indigenous perspective.


Read our recent feature in the July 2023 issue of Global Heroes positive news magazine.


"Reconciliation requires a deeper awareness of the truth of colonization in Canada. kinSHIFT delivers a powerful online workshop experience where individuals or corporate teams can learn, ask questions, and make mistakes while strengthening courage for engaging with Indigenous peoples."

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